About Us


To foster a strong, united and prosperous community for all people of Zimbabwean heritage in Australia (Victoria)

Our Mission

To provide a forum for cooperative action and consensus-building in order to promote unity, family support while creating opportunities and providing information on social issues.


If you are passionate about your community, please register your name, contact detail and addresses with the Secretary : secretary@zimcommunity.org.au or zimcommunity@gmail.com





Leadership Committee


Thomas Mandebvu

Tafadzwa Chitambo

Annatoria Mudoti

Vice Chairman

Kevin Kapeke

Committee member- Woman Advocacy

Diana Chitambo

committee memeber- Woman Advocacy

Melody Magengezha

Committee member-Woman Advocacy

Aquillinah Bandura

Committee member -Langauge School

Japhet Ncube

committee member- Men Advocacy

Bhekani Sibanda

Committee member-Youth Advocacy

Natalia Takavada

Committee member -Youth Advocacy

Qiniso Dube