Membership & Subscription

Before you can join us, take time to read through our constitution and learn more about our objectives, vision and mission. 

You also have a contribution to make!

Membership shall be open to any person who supports the objects of the Association, agrees to be bound by its rules and fulfils the criteria as outlined in the constitution. Application forms for membership will be available through any member of the committee and upon acceptance of the application by the Committee and upon   payment   of   the   first   annual   subscription (if applicable), the applicant shall be a member of the Association.


Our Principles clearly state that there shall be

  • Non-interference in the political, religious and other beliefs held by members of the Association
  • Members are to promote mutual respect, solidarity, friendship, charity, non-discrimination and equality among each other and society at large.

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New Members

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Registration fees: $10 plus $10 annual fees (total $20)

Please be patient while we take you to PayPal to accept the payment. You can pay either by PayPal or credit card.


Community Secretary
Tafadzwa F Chitambo

Community Chair
 Thomas Mandebvu